Saturday, October 16, 2010

The ART of the Journey...

Well, it seemed that, for all intents and purposes, anyone looking at this blog would think that I had stopped blogging here (which explains why some of my "followers" have since pulled out from following).

I assure you, I shall continue.

My absence is explained by a (not-so) simple tale of job-loss, packing up the house and proceeding with a relocation, and then, after finding that the new location was no longer to be available, RE-locating all the stuff BACK to our original home.

That took months.
The journey of which could be an epic poem... or, at least could be represented by a Sisyphean-themed Rube Goldberg machine.

Well, now that it seems we are here to stay (since I have once again found employment as a Full Time in-house artist - which I will blog about next) I need to get back to showcasing some of my old (and also the new) works.

I am still in the UN-packing stage of things, and with the new F/T gig, time is against me for the nonce.
But, in time,  (hopefully soon,) I plan on dredging out many more hoary old projects, and creating new ones, to showcase to you all right here.