Friday, December 31, 2010

TO WRAP UP 2010 -
ROM : SPACEKNIGHT Illustration

Well... we're one day from the end of another year... and to wrap up both the 2010 blogging year as well as the recent ROM SPACEKNIGHT original art series of posts (found HERE, HERE and HERE - wherein I went through the process of creating an original piece of artwork made especially for the fundraiser show/ auction to benefit former Marvel comics writer, Bill Mantlo - who was paralyzed and suffers permanent brain damage from a hit-and-run accident in 1992) I am presenting my original illustration here... in all its "final *digitally* inked glory" (if only I could put multiple "quote marks" around the word "glory")...

Click to see in all its """glory""".
 Original art by yours truly; PTOR.

The auction went well, some beautiful artworks made available to the masses for a good cause.
I can't rightly state that I understand the levels of bidding, however.
Some pieces, which, to me anyway, seemed slightly lesser than others, made off with large final bids, while other, artistic masterpieces of design, color and technique went by with only a scant (if any) bids.

I have two theories:

  1. Pieces created by famous (or underground) professionals went for higher values - due to their fan-bases and potential high investment potential.
  2. Pieces with any nudity and/or sexual connotations went for even higher levels - well... because sex sells.

With no sour grapes in any way, I'll own up to the fact that my own piece suffered, admittedly so, because I did not have time to color it.
Black and white pieces generally don't do well.
Especially, since mine was designed to BE in color, so it lacks the proper chiaroscuro and "spotted blacks" required of a piece meant to stand alone in stark black and white.
Simply put - I dropped the ball.

When reduced to the size of a thumbnail image (which is how they were seen in the auction listings - until one would click on it to see the whole piece made large), mine was unrecognizable as to what the image contained.

To rectify that, I am hoping to produce a fully colored version to present to the committee so that the color version might be used for the upcoming book release instead of the black/white version.

That is not to say that I am ashamed of this piece in any way.
Sure, like any artist, once I finished it, I IMMEDIATELY started picking it apart for all its varied mistakes and glaringly bad bits... that's just the nature of an artist to see where he/she could do better... but, that said,  I DO like it for what it is and stand by it as a sweet piece of comic art.

Best of all... because it was done for a good cause.

See you in 2011!

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