Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shifting Gears.

Well... it's not as though I didn't know it was coming...

The most recent spurt of freelance work has all but dried up.

I am now in the process of taking training courses for a new "day job".
(I am reluctant to say "career", since i still aspire to one day return to a position as a Full Time ARTIST. THAT is my career.)

Still, this new direction needs its temporal demands from me, and as much as I yearn to sit and draw, between the training and the day-to-day aspects of "life"...I really can't do so.

On the up-side, I DO have one freelance project - designing a web-site for a local car dealership.
Already  worked up a spiffy new logo for them, and have tinkered around with the slicing and dicing of design elements and roll-over effects.

I guess I can show the logo.
I won't say the NAME of the place here (yet), but the logo doesn't give that way.
Well.. not the DESIGN aspect of the logo, anyway.
The completed logo does indeed give the name of the business (as most proper logos should).

*click to enlarge*

This gear and grill double "M" logo, was drawn in Adobe Illustrator and then colored and stylized in Adobe Photoshop.

But, the entire web-site is to be a step-by-step process, with status checks along the way, needing design approvals from their owners, and as such, I can't just bat it out asap.

I also have a few other projects at near-completion (which I had hoped to have done by now), but since they're private projects (to be unveiled when they are ready) they come after paying jobs and other more pressing things.
(One of which is my OWN web-site - which has been sitting in a "temporary placeholder" state for too long while i redesign every aspect of it.)


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